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Social Security Disability Attorney

Social Security Disability

Has your claim for Social Security Benefits been denied? This can be very frustrating, especially after years of working hard and faithfully contributing to the Social Security system. Only about one-third of Social Security Disability benefits claims are initially approved. Claims are often denied as a result of errors on the part of the Social Security Administration or failure to include necessary information in the application.

Bowman Law PLLC has experience helping clients receive the Social Security Disability benefits they are due. If your claim has been denied, we strongly urge you to Contact Bowman Law PLLC for a free case uation, or call (336) 470-0177 to speak to Attorney Joe Bowman directly.

What type of help might you need with your Social Security Disability claim?
With our experience, we can help you build your case for consideration at hearing and guide you through the claims process. This might include:

• Preparing Your Case for Appeal
We can help you by preparing and filing all the paperwork required at the various steps of the appeals process.

• Obtaining and Analyzing Evidence on Your Behalf
We will obtain and review your medical records, as well as other forms of evidence (e.g., employment records) to support your claim.

• Obtain Affidavits on Your Behalf
We will work with your friends, family and/or colleagues to receive admissible evidence from them regarding your limitations.

• Analyzing Whether a Consultative Exam is Necessary and Setting Up That Exam
After analyzing the specifics of your claim, we will determine whether a consultative exam is necessary. If necessary, we will work with the Social Security Administration to schedule that exam on your behalf.

• Obtaining Your Doctor's Opinion
We work with your doctor to obtain an opinion as to your medical situation and how that impacts your ability to work.

• Help You Prepare for Hearing
We schedule a meeting with you to make sure you will know what to expect on the day of your hearing and to make sure you feel comfortable and confident about the process.

• Draft and Send Legal Briefs to the Judge.
We draft documents that explain why the judge should find in your favor.

• Represent You at Hearing
We will be there at the hearing with you and advocate on your behalf.

• Analyze Award Letters
We look over your award letter to make sure you are getting the compensation to which you are entitled.

• Appeal Adverse Decisions
We will appeal a denial all the way up to federal court if necessary to protect your rights.

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