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Unemployment Benefits Tips

Tips for Successfully Filing Your Claim

The following information is published by the North Carolina Department of Commerce, Division of Employment Security, and may help you understand who can successfully pursue Unemployment Insurance Benefits in North Carolina.  Please feel free to Contact Bowman Law with additional questions.

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• Be prepared! Before you begin, be sure to have on hand dates and rate of pay for last employment. Other information which may apply to you includes dates of military service and alien registration number if you are not a citizen of the United States.

• This process may require 30 minutes or more. Before starting, please be sure that you have enough time to complete the process during the above hours.

• You can save your work and return to complete the process later by choosingSave Work & Exit. To prevent loss of data due to the service timing-out, it is recommended you Save Work & Exit if your online session exceeds 15 minutes.

• If you have previously registered with DES, information such as address, telephone number, etc. will already be displayed. Be sure to update or make corrections to the data by simply editing the fields as needed.

• You will be able to provide an e-mail address if you so desire. An e-mail address is not required, but will enable DES to send you a “successful filing” message with additional tips and links.

• Along with filing your claim, you will automatically be registered for referral to job openings which employers list with DES. The online Dictionary of Occupational Titles is used for selecting the best occupational classification for your job experience and training. Due to limitations of this dictionary, you may not be able to find a classification which perfectly matches your background. In these cases, select the classification which most closely matches. Regardless of the classification you select, after registering you are encouraged to do your own search through DES’s online job bank.

• If the employer's name and other contact information is displayed, contact the employer directly to apply for the job.

• You may be contacted by an DES consultant from one of our offices for job referrals or to offer other services.

• Your request for Job Search assistance will be reviewed by a local office serving your area. All Job Search Assistance requests will be processed within three business days. Many Employers require DES to conduct screening of all applicants for positions with their business. If your qualifications and work history place you among those applicants who are most qualified, you will be contacted with further information on applying for employment with this employer. If it is determined that you are not among the most qualified, your record will remain active, but you will not be contacted with application instructions for this particular position.

• Job referrals also may be requested by telephoning or visiting any Employment Security Commission office.

• You may contact the DES office assigned to assist you for questions or additional assistance. When you request Job Search Assistance over the Internet, you will be presented with a confirmation page that provides the Job Order Number for which you have requested referral as well as the following information regarding the ESC office that will be processing your request:

Office Name
Email Address
Physical Address
Telephone Number
Hours of Operation

• At the end of this filing process, a message will be displayed signifying completion of the information-gathering process. Pay careful attention to the final instructions, including when and how to contact DES, requirements for documenting your work search, and methods for filing your weekly certifications.