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Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment Benefits

If you have been denied Unemployment Benefits, then you may need legal assistance to protect your rights. The Unemployment Benefits appeals process can be overwhelming, and an experienced Unemployment Benefits attorney can help you navigate that process. Please Contact Bowman Law for a free consultation if you have any questions.

In general, dismissed employees are qualified to receive unemployment benefits except in cases involving willful "misconduct" on the part of an employee. Precisely what constitutes "misconduct," however, can be a subject of significant disagreement. In some cases, former employees are eligible for unemployment benefits even when they resign, provided an employee's decision to leave work is motivated by "good cause attributable to the employer."

Deciding to Hire an Unemployment Benefits Attorney
Because you've recently lost your job, you may be looking for ways to cut expenses. Deciding whether to hire an attorney can therefore be a very difficult decision. Sometimes it makes sense for an individual to represent themselves during the unemployment benefits process. These claims can be relatively simple; however, in certain situations, you may want to consider hiring an experienced unemployment benefits attorney. Attorneys often charge reduced or flat rates for these types of matters, making hiring an attorney affordable. Bowman Law's flat rate for unemployment benefits telephone hearings is as low as $350.

So when should you consider hiring an attorney? It is wise to consult an attorney when your dismissal is related to other employment law claims, you resigned unwillingly, the terms of your termination were unclear, or when you are unsure of how to appeal an improperly denied claim.

How Can an Unemployment Benefits Attorney Help
Bowman Law PLLC has experience helping clients receive the Unemployment Benefits they are due. If your claim has been denied, we strongly urge you to Contact Bowman Law PLLC for a free case uation, or call (336) 470-0177 to speak to Attorney Joe Bowman directly.

With our experience, we can help you build your case for consideration at hearing and guide you through the appeals process. This might include:

• Preparing Your Case for Appeal
We can help you by preparing and filing all the paperwork required at the various steps of the appeals process.

• Obtaining and Analyzing Evidence on Your Behalf
We will obtain and review any information necessary to bolster your case.

• Help You Prepare for Hearing
We schedule a meeting with you to make sure you will know what to expect on the day of your hearing and to make sure you feel comfortable and confident about the process.

• Represent You at Hearing
We will be there at the hearing with you and advocate on your behalf.

• Appeal Adverse Decisions
For an additional fee, we will appeal a denial all the way up to federal court if necessary to protect your rights.

If you would like to know more about Unemployment Insurance, or about contested unemployment benefits hearings, please refer to the links under the Resources section for additional information or contact our firm for help.

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