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FAQ 1 | Reporting a Workers Compensation Injury

1. How does an injured worker report his or her injury after being hurt on the job?

The North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act provides that you must report a work-related injury to your employer within 30 days from the date of the injury. However, you will benefit from reporting your injury as soon as possible--ideally, immediately after the accident occurs.

You should report the injury to your supervisor in writing. You should also keep a copy of the written notice you provide to your employer, so that the notice may later be used as evidence in your case, if necessary. Your written notice need not be a lengthy letter, but should include the following information: (1) The time and date of the injury, (2) a brief description of of the events surrounding the accident that led to the injury, and (3) a full list of the body parts injured as a result of the accident.

Additionally, you should inform co-workers of your accident and injury, and you should attempt to determine whether anyone else witnessed the events leading to your injury.

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