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Archer Lodge, NC Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Archer Lodge, NC Workers' Compensation Attorneys

North Carolina Workers Comp Attorneys

Obtaining the Best Possible Results Through Negotiation or Trial

Bowman Law PLLC is proud to serve clients in Archer Lodge, NC. If you are a resident of Archer Lodge, NC and in need of legal assistance, please Contact Bowman Law PLLC for a free case evaluation, or call (919) 307-6528 to speak to Attorney Joe Bowman directly.

You may be entitled to benefits under the North Carolina Workers' Compensation Act or, if you are a federal employee, the Federal Employees' Compensation Act. Understanding your rights is important. Refer to the links below for helpful information about workers' compensation.

1. How does an injured worker report his or her injury after being hurt on the job?

2. How does an injured worker file a Workers' Compensation Claim?

3. May an employer retaliate against or terminate a worker because he or she filed a workers' compensation claim?

4. Is the cost of mileage to and from medical appointments reimbursed?

4. Is the cost of mileage to and from medical appointments reimbursed?

6. What if an injured worker is unable to perform his or her job as a result of the work injury?

8. What happens in the case of a denied workers' compensation claim?

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