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  • Coronavirus Pandemic: Hiring a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Remotely

    Posted on March 31, 2020 by in NC Workers' Compensation

    During these unprecedented times, we recognize that individuals across the communities we serve are dealing with many difficult situations. If you need assistance with your North Carolina workers’ compensation claim, we are here to help. The Bowman Law PLLC team remains fully operational. Our team regularly represents North Carolina workers’ compensation claimants who reside in various states across the country. As a result, we have systems in place to allow individuals to hire a North Carolina workers’ compensation attorney remotely. In addition, we have video conferencing and other meeting options to allow those injured employees to meet with our team in a convenient and safe manner.

    Timely Filings Required to Protect Your Rights

    Please keep in mind that, as of time of this writing, the North Carolina Industrial Commission (i.e., North Carolina’s workers’ compensation court) has not tolled the statute of limitations for filing workers’ compensation claims, nor has the Industrial Commission issued a blanket extension of time for responding to filings or pursuing other rights to which you may be entitled pursuant to the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act. As a result, if you believe you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, it is important to act quickly.

    Contracting Coronavirus While Working

    If you believe you have contracted the coronavirus while working, please contact our law firm to discuss your options for pursuing a North Carolina workers’ compensation claim. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be eligible for various benefits pursuant to the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act..

    Look for Assistance

    Attempting to manage a workers’ compensation claim on your own can be overwhelming. If you have questions regarding how to protect your right to workers’ compensation benefits, contact us today for a FREE initial consultation.

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