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    Posted on June 1, 2014 by in NC Unemployment Benefits, NC Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury, Social Security

    Welcome to CarolinaCompensation™, the law blog authored by attorney Joe Bowman of Bowman Law PLLC in Winston-Salem, NC. Since you’ve visited my law firm’s web page and blog, I’ll assume that your goal is to learn more about my firm, or about one of the areas of law in which my firm practices regularly. These areas presently include North Carolina workers’ compensation law, employment law, social security law, personal injury law, and North Carolina unemployment benefits law.

    You may want to learn more about the law because you’ve been harmed, injured, or otherwise wronged by another person or organization. You may be afraid that, without help, you’ll continue to be treated unfairly in the future. If so, you’re probably hopeful that more information will empower you to do everything possible to stand up for yourself. It will. You may also hope that more information will help you make the best decision about whether to hire a lawyer, when to hire a lawyer, or which lawyer to hire. It will do that, too.

    Like many of my clients, you may be experiencing one of the most difficult and painful times of your life, with little idea as to when, if ever, relief will arrive. The purpose of this blog, as well as the entirety of my firm’s website,, is to help you understand the legal characteristics of the situation in which you find yourself—so that you may discover the best path forward. Keep in mind that what this website and blog cannot do is offer legal advice, guarantee results, or create an attorney-client relationship.

    I invite you to check this page regularly for updates and new entries. If you would like to schedule a free consultation with attorney Joe Bowman in North Carolina, please read the Disclaimer, and Contact Bowman Law at your earliest convenience. You may also call (336) 470-0177. We can’t wait to meet you. Good luck!

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